How to find the name of a cell phone number


How to find the name of a cel phone numberFind the name of a cell Phone Number – 5 Steps!

It’s often, People getting Strange calls, getting missed calls from unknown number, annoying messages from somebody and even calls at mid night, But how to find the Person of that cell phone number. Here are 5 simple steps to Find the Name of that Person.

Here are the ways to Trace a cell Phone number:

Note: Before Entering In to the steps –  give a reverse call to the number asking ” I got a call from this number or got a message from this number” and try to get detail about the person, He or she maybe your friend or relative. But beware, Just Leave if the call if from a foriegn country, They may be spammers.  If the call is from your own country try to give a reverse call or ask with your friends and if that doesn’t work follow the steps given below. Following are the ways You can follow to Find the name of a Phone number,

1. Google the number:

Just go to and type in the Phone number, You may get some clue or even the name of the stranger, Because when the person enters the Phone number in any of the websites it may get indexed with google and you may get them in your google Search results. Go ahead and try, If this doesn’t works try the next step,

2. Use Truecaller: is a website containing more than 1.6 Billion Phone numbers World wide with their Name and location. If you are using a truecaller application in your mobile, It’ll take all your contacts with name and stores it in Truecaller database, Hence more contacts here and you can search them with Phone numbers.


3. Try Social Media:

Using Social Media to Find the Person who made call to you, Yes this is awesome, Almost Everyone have a facebook account today, And some give their Phone numbers in their profile Hence it is easy to find, Go to and type the mobile number in search bar. If the phone number matches with any profile you’ll get the person’ profile in the result page as I got my profile shown below in the picture. You can Try Twitter, Foursquare, Google Plus too to find the Person.



If you cant find the person in Social Media, Then go here This is a user supplied database of phone numbers of telemarketers, non-profit organizations, charities, political surveyors, SCAM artists, and other companies that don’t leave messages, disconnect once you answer, and simply interrupt your day. try here and Hope you’ll get him here.

5. File Compliant 

If you faied in all the 4 Steps and the Problem is getting serious, then go ahead and file a compliant, soon you’ll get the person. You should spend some amount for this, Police gets your detail and they’ll find the person with the help of Respective Network.

Feel free to comment the steps you know about finding the name of a cell phone number.


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