How to Check the internet speed in 1 Minute

Check your Internet speed:How to check Internet step 0

                   When Web pages takes much time to Load,  downloads are very slow, it is better to know your Internet speed. Bellow are the ways to check your Internet speed.

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Checking internet speed is not that Hard. Just follow the below given 3 steps to find your internet speed in a minute

Step 1: Just Open your browser and goto : and click on the BEGIN TEST button.
How to check Internet step 0

Step 2: You’ll find the Arrow Increasing towards the speed.

How to check Internet step 0

Step 3: Speed test will get finished and you’ll get a small stats screen showing Download speed and Upload speed at the Top Right corner. 

How to check Internet step 0


You can get a clear Internet speed check with, If you wanna get more details regarding firewall, Ping, Jitter and Packet loss. Just go to

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