How a Password Should Be? And How to remember it?

  A Password is a collection of Characters to secure something, How it should be? And How to safeguard the Password first?

This post is 

  •  For the people, who use different passwords for different accounts and forgot some of them.
  •  For the people who use the same password for different account and Don’t know how to safeguard it.

How a Password Should Be?

1.  A Password Should not be Easily Predictable. Like shown Below:

  • Your spouse’s, partner’s, friend’s, or child’s Name.
  • An aspect of your first, middle, or last name.
  • Your’s or friends or relations Birthday.
  • A favorite food or activity.
  • Your phone or mobile number.
  • Place where you live or work.
  • Your pet animal’s name.

2.  You Must use numbers and some special Characters like “!,@,#,$,%,^,&,* “
3. Little Lenghtier. (6 to 8 letters)
4. Use Both Caps and Small Letters.

How to remember A Password?

1. Just Save All your Passwords in your mail box, NOTE: Make it archive, Because when you open your mail there are chances of your mail to get visible to your friends.
2. Use Password Protector Applications, where you can save all your passwords with their Domain, NOTE: Don’t forget the Master Password.
3. Write your password in a cipher text in your personal area.
4. Don’t use the same password for all your accounts.

How Long a Password Should Be?

1. Use minimum of 12 characters for a Password. 
2. Change your Passwords often.
3. Don’t use old passwords again.


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