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50+ Facebook Tips and Tricks:

Here are more than 50 Facebook Tricks to try. List of Cool Facebook Tips and Trick Post you like to try and enjoy with your friends. These Tips helps you to customize your Facebook page, do things faster on Facebook, Prank your friends with tricks.  

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Delete Facebook Account Permanently in 2 Mins

How to Delete Facebook Account: Facebook is the best Social network to get in touch with your friends and if you finally decided to quit...

Open Facebook Full Site (desktop site) in Mobile

Facebook Full Site This post helps you use Facebook's Full Site (desktop version) in Mobile. Facebook, being the most popular social media platform in the...

Download Facebook Videos Online for Free in 3 Ways

How to Download Facebook Videos Found a video on Facebook that you just must save? Afraid the video will be taken down before you have...

How to Change Facebook Password

Change Facebook Password It is always recommended that you change your passwords to social media websites including Facebook as often as every 3 months even....
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Recover Facebook Account – Hacked or Forgotten

Facebook account recovery guide for Hacked or Forgotten Facebook account got hacked! Let's say you’re one of the unfortunate who’s who lost their FB account...
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How To Increase Facebook Likes For Free

Increase Facebook Likes for Page and Profile In today’s time, social media promotion acts as a big business mechanism whether it’s for a brand or...