Apple in the reach of Beats for $3.2 billion

The multinational Apple Corporation is almost in the reach to buy the audio device manufacturer Beats. Beats Inc is incorporated by famous Hip Hop artist Dr.Dre who is in a bid to sell Beats Audio to Apple corporation. The deal will make Dr.Dre the first hip Hop Billionaire in the world.

 Beats audio gives audio support to Chrysler automobile, HTC mobile phones and HP computers.

Why Apple is keen to buy Beats Audio??

In the smartphone and computing market, the heavy competition between Android and iOS has forced Apple Corporation to take leaps of innovation and market competency. The current CEO Tim Cook has taken decisions to spent around $133 billion to buy 18 different companies.

The Acquisition of Beats Audio will make improvements in the iTunes Store for better performance delivery and also audio systems of the entire Apple products (or if u want to call it iProducts) give more efficient audio output.

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